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Protein found to aid anti-aging

aid-anti-agingAs we hope and pray the fountain of youth is discovered, scientists are hard at work figuring out how to slow down aging. New findings have pinpointed a protein in the body that shows signs to aid in anti-aging

Secret to anti-aging starts with our diet

anti-aging-dietThese days, modern medicine has improved so much that doctors are able to treat various diseases, prolonging lives. But there’s still no mechanism to stop the decline of the body as it goes through the natural aging process.

As it …

Most effective anti-aging foods and exercises

anti-aging-foodsThe fountain of youth has yet to be discovered, but our desire to stay forever young continues to grow. We live in a society where it seems like aging is an illness, so we take steps to prevent it at …

The Best Anti-Aging Foods in Your Diets

156893804In the mid 90’s scientists in both England and the United States publicly declared that obesity accelerates aging. Being overweight though is not the only factor that can impact longevity. Some nutritional scientists believe all of us; no matter what …

New Anti-Aging Trend – Coupons for Botox

good looksBotox is the most popular cosmetic procedure requested by Americans. The demand for treatment to wipe away those wrinkles has led to a flood of deals at spas, clinics and even some doctor’s offices. Today you can get coupons for …

The Anti-Aging Battle: Is 60 the New 40?

In Europe, 2012 was declared the year of “Active Aging”…a way to encourage people to find ways to better manage aging. In the last 20 years, the health and cosmetic industry in North America has focused on anti-aging; making people …

Beauty and Anti-Aging Tips for Men

aging There is a whole category of people that seems to really fall by the wayside when it comes to anti-aging products and “beauty tips”. Men care about looking good too. And with such a bombardment of female products of this …

Are You Too Young for Anti-Aging Products?

look youngerAre you Too Young for Anti-aging Products? When Should You Start and Why?

Many people look for anti-aging tips in an effort to look younger as they age.  Anti-aging products including creams, serums and other remedies promise to reduce fine …

Powerful Anti-Aging Foods

feel youngerPeople often wonder if a certain food item or exercise may help them feel younger and maintain their active lifestyle for an extended period of time. These individuals are aware that aging is associated with changes their physical appearance and …

Effects of aging on body systems and your brain

Effects of aging on bodyAging affects our bodies and our minds. Growing old is inevitable, but let’s be honest for a moment, no one wants to grow old. In a perfect world we’d be 21 forever, but unfortunately, Mother Nature has a different plan …

Metabolism affects aging rate, longevity and mortality

Metabolism affects aging rate, longevity and mortalityMetabolism has been shown to affect aging, longevity and mortality. New research from the American Chemical Society can better help us understand longevity. Their study was conducted on worms, and researchers believe they can accurately predict longevity at middle-age.

Being …

Healthy aging blood test helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Healthy agingResearchers have uncovered a healthy aging blood test which helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The findings came from a seven-year collaborative study at King’s College London, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Duke University in the U.S.

Researchers used a …

Body hair not immune to aging

Body hair not immune to agingWith aging comes many different changes. Wrinkles begin to show, body fat is harder to lose and there are changes to our own body hair. That’s right, your body hair changes as you get older.

Body hair is not a …

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