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Why Women Prefer Beards

Orignially published on Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014

shutterstock_116672245Stop right there with that razor and cream.

Whether you’re discussing a matter of personal preference with your partner, or trying to decide if you should change up your look, take note: Beards are sexy. And science has confirmed it.

Facial hair for men is a trend that has come and gone through the years, from full-on beards like Abe Lincoln and handlebar mustaches to the distinguished goatee.

But no matter what your shaving etiquette comes down to, having a …

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Eat Less To Prolong Your Life

Orignially published on Friday, Apr. 11, 2014


Dr. Victor Marchione shares his views on controversial new food theory

Here you are, trying to get in your five to 10 fruits and vegetables a day, drink more water and cut down on those Peak Freans …

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Too Much Of A Good Thing: How Your Medications May Be Killing You

Orignially published on Tuesday, Apr. 8, 2014

PILLSChief Scientific Advisor Dr. Victor Marchione Shares His Views On Medication Risks

How is your pill box looking these days? Organized by day and capsule color, or a mixed bag of pharmaceuticals that you sort through and eyeball carefully for morning, noon and night dosages? It all gets to be a bit much some days, I’m sure, but there’s a good reason for your pills. Or so we like to think.

Prescription medications are a necessary part of modern life, …

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What Your Poop Is Telling You About Your Health

Orignially published on Monday, Apr. 7, 2014

Overhead View Of Toilet

Dr. Victor Marchione’s Views On Bathroom Habits

You may prefer not to talk about it. In fact, if you’re older than five years of age, the topic of conversation is liable to offend family, friends and workmates if not woefully amuse them.

But scatological humor aside, the subject of stool warrants plenty of attention. That’s because your poop says a lot about your health.

Basically, your bodily emissions are whatever is left behind once your digestive system completes absorbing nutrients …

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