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Decrease your risk of rheumatoid arthritis with alcohol?

arthritis, rheumatoidIt sounds too good to be true. But science has done a favor for those who enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink. (I’ll raise a glass to that myself!)

A few alcoholic beverages every week can reduce the chances of getting painful rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, having two to four beers each week may decrease the odds for women … Read More

Fact Or Myth? Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis


You’ve most likely heard the phrase, “Don’t crack your knuckles or you’ll get arthritis.” This may have stopped you for the time being, but once no one was around, you probably went right back at it. (It feels so good!)

But does the saying hold any truth? Or is it just an old wive’s tale? Are we causing … Read More

Why Your Arthritis Gets Worse After Christmas


When it comes to joint stiffness, most people with arthritis have come to dread the winter months. The pain, swelling and stiffness often get worse, and doctors report more patient complaints during the season.

Winter’s official first day is Dec. 21, making Christmas a flag day for the long stretch of painful arthritis to come.

But why do … Read More

What Your Gut Has To Do With The Development of Arthritis

expressive seniorDid you know that much of the immune activity that goes on in your body takes place in your stomach and intestines? Your gut is where most bacteria can be found, and so your immune system is constantly busy trying to suppress the spread or growth of any harmful bacterial strains. Now, a link has been found between … Read More

Could This Drug-Free Approach Help Relieve Your Arthritis Pain?

120984253Approximately 50 million American adults report being told by their medical practitioner that they suffer from some form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus or fibromyalgia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By 2030, this number is expected to rise even higher, to approximately 67 million sufferers. Arthritis pain can be debilitating, … Read More

Could Eating THIS Vegetable Be The End of Osteoarthritis?

100274680Literally millions of children around the world have heard their parents say “eat your broccoli, it’s good for you.” Countless studies show that it is true. This flowery, green vegetable is high in vitamin A and K. It is also high in fiber and a rich source of flavonoids, which fight inflammation. And, according to a recent study, … Read More

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