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Brain health linked to rhythms of brain waves

musicbrainThe University of Berkeley has released a study that could help people suffering from brain disorders find better treatment.

The amount of neurons firing in the brain can be fast and furious. Researchers have compared the rhythms of healthy brains …

Hormone deficiency in brain linked with overeating in mice

overeatingResearchers from Rutgers University have found that a reduction in the hormone glucagon caused mice to overeat.

Vincent Mirabella, co-author of the study, said that mice with a hormone deficiency of GLP-1 were more likely to nosh on high-fat food. …

Stanford scientists find iron-containing cells in brains of Alzheimer’s patients

Iron containing cells in brain of  alzheimer's patientResults of a post-mortem examination of brain tissue has added a new suspect to the list of causes for Alzheimer’s disease.

It was believed that one of the important causes of the disease were amyloid plaques in the brain tissue. …

Seniors: Exercise boosts brain health

seniors-brainhealthResearchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center have shown that seniors can greatly benefit from exercise when it comes to boosting brain health.

With this study researchers wanted to know how much exercise was needed to improve the cognitive …

Type 2 diabetes impairs brain function: Study

cognitive decline and diabetesHarvard researchers have linked inflammation and reduction in blood flow to the brain in those with Type 2 diabetes with reduced cognitive function.

Type 2 diabetes remains prevalent in the American population. It can lead to other health concerns such …

Brain abnormalities found in people with schizophrenia

Brain abnormalities in schizophrenia patientsResearchers are working to uncover what happens in the brains of schizophrenia sufferers.

Currently, the cause of schizophrenia is unknown. Although there have been theories linking genetics and environmental factors, an exact cause has eluded researchers.

But a study conducted …

Excessive serotonin in brain tied to social phobia

excessive serotonin in brain tied to social phobiaDid you know there is a neurotransmitter in your body which plays a role in your bowel movements, changes in mood, creating blood clots and reducing your libido? It’s true. One specific neurotransmitter has its hand in all of these …

Control of emotions linked to brain structure: Study

What one person may find funny, another may not even be amused. What a person finds sad and cries over another may not even shed a tear. The emotional roller coaster varies from person to person.

The ability to regulate …

Clear mind, strong memory: Exercise makes your brain grow

exercise for brain healthYou’re doing your morning Sudoku every day, maybe an extra crossword puzzle on Saturdays and you have a new audio book to learn Spanish. Needless to say, you’re quite satisfied with yourself for giving your brain a good regular workout …

Weak gut, weak mind: Understanding the brain stomach connection

improve digestion naturallyFeeling a little nauseous because you’re nervous about seeing your doctor? Really, who wants to be probed or prodded while wearing an ill-fitting gown? It doesn’t rate high on our list of favorite things, either, although we know it’s important.…

Why Sleeping Beauty has better brain health

benefits-of-sleep-for-the-brainRemember the tale of the young princess who pricks her finger on a spindle only to fall into a deep sleep that can’t be awoken until she is kissed by her true love? Although the story involves fairy godmothers, witches …

Exercise like pumping iron for your brain (and your memory)

exercise-for-brain-healthIf you need a pep-talk to get up and get moving, this is definitely it.

Exercise is important, that much we know. More and more research reveals the vast and varied effects that exercise has on our bodies. Now …

4 Top herbs for better brain health

herbs-for-brain-healthYou might want to put down that candy bar and supersize soda and reconsider… What you eat (and don’t eat) can affect your waistline, your disease risk and your brain power. Can your diet actually make you smarter? Absolutely. And …

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