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Study Says Sex Doesn’t Burn Calories

If there86522987 is ever a myth that people might wish were true, it is this one. We have all heard old wives tales and health myths about how to improve your general health and well being, but what people might be really disappointed to learn is that sexual activity doesn’t burn calories, making the concept an apparent myth…. Read More

Simple Ways to Cut Calories Every Day

counting caloriesFor most people struggling with weight issues such as obesity, counting calories appears to be the most reliable and effective way for weight loss.  Awareness of the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis may thus control excessive eating, which may in turn result in weight loss.  Counting calories will also teach a person engaged in a … Read More

Why Counting Calories Could Be Deadly

good healthThe current trend in achieving good health is to lead a healthy lifestyle, including eating regular diets that are rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber. It has also been recommended that for good health, one should start counting calories in diets to determine that amount of sugar that is consumed on a daily basis. Using information on … Read More

Snack Ideas for 100 Calories or Less

Snack Ideas for 100 Calories or LessExtra snacking while on a diet plan might not be the worst thing after all. The extra calories can end up being satisfying in ways that could even prevent higher fat snacking throughout the day. A little temptation might be possible, but giving into your food cravings without ruining your waistline can be tricky!

Barbara Whedon, R.D., a … Read More

The Mystery Behind Counting Calories

Counting CaloriesFor years people have used calorie reduction as a primary tool to lose weight, but for a lot of people this method doesn’t seem to work. Those who study the science of nutrition say we should all understand the mystery behind counting calories to lose weight.

If you’ve been counting calories but not noticing any weight loss, scientists … Read More

Mushrooms: Magical youth elixir?

health benefits of mushroomsMagic mushrooms can do some amazing things. No, not just those kind of things! Some do contain natural psychedelic chemicals, but there are many mushrooms whose botanical magic lies in the amazing things they can do for your health. Even celebrities are using mushrooms as an anti-aging secret weapon in creams and facial peels.

Sound far-fetched? Not really, … Read More

Health benefits of quinoa (keen-wah!)

quinoa health benefitsThe buzz surrounding quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Quinoa has been hailed a superfood and for good reason, too. Its high protein and fiber content, along with being gluten-free, has given it quite the star power.

What is quinoa?

Quinoa, botanically speaking, closely resembles beets and spinach. Often referred to as a grain, quinoa’s … Read More

Is your energy bar barring you from good health?

Energy bar for good healthOur busy lives take energy! We need energy to work, we need energy to perform activities, heck we even need energy for socializing. As you can seem a lot of our energy becomes depleted by outside sources.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time to sit down and have a nutritious meal and so we reach for an energy … Read More

Berries pack a sweet health punch

health benefits of berriesColorful, bit-size and oh-so sweet, berries are delicious and highly beneficial. They may be small in size, but berries really pack a punch when it comes to improving your health. And there is a berry out there for everyone, with different textures, flavors and dessert possibilities!

Some berry facts: A berry is classified as a fleshy fruit. It … Read More

Cashews: Handful (or two) a day keeps the doctor away

Cashews keep depression at bay Nuts are certainly having a moment! All the enthusiasm comes from an onslaught of studies over the past decade showing nuts are no longer just snacks for baseball games – nuts are bona fide health food. Their most salient effect is heart attack prevention, and some studies suggest they help protect against diabetes. The nut of the day … Read More

Plum health benefits: Naturally sweet nutrition

PlumsWarmer weather brings in-season fruits and vegetables – and trips to your local farmer’s market are a must.

Fruits, in particular, are an integral part of a healthy diet and when they are in season they are that much easier to enjoy. One fruit you should be eating more of is the humble and delicious plum. Small in … Read More

Are Americans eating too much protein?

ProteinOur diet requires a few simple things: Fat, carbohydrates and protein. In a perfect balance you’ll feel great, energized and receive all the essential vitamins and minerals. But when we don’t eat in balance, having too much protein for example, is when our bodies can go awry.

Protein, found in many food groups and high in meat, is … Read More

Soda ban rejected for NYC: So soft drinks are good for you?

Soda popWhat does Mayor Bloomberg have to say about soda, soft drinks and sugary drinks’ health risks these days? His proposed ban on Big Sodas for New York City fizzled out like a can of ginger ale gone flat. But people are still wondering: Does this mean sugary drinks are good for us?

The state’s highest court refused to … Read More

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