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Cancer drug rewires Alzheimer’s or dementia affected neurons to sharpen memory

Cancer drug rewires Alzheimer’s or dementia affected neurons to sharpen memoryA cancer drug rewires Alzheimer’s or dementia affected neurons for memory improvement, according to new findings. The research comes from Rutgers University where researchers gave rats a cancer drug – RGFP966 – and saw the rats were more attentive, retained …

Dementia risk higher in those with chronic conditions

Dementia risk higher in those with chronic conditionsAlthough the exact cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, there is mounting evidence to suggest that chronic conditions can increase a person’s risk of developing dementia.

In the latest study, researchers found that multiple chronic health conditions were …

Healthy aging blood test helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Healthy agingResearchers have uncovered a healthy aging blood test which helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The findings came from a seven-year collaborative study at King’s College London, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Duke University in the U.S.

Researchers used a …

Late-life dementia sufferers unaware of memory loss

Memory lossResearchers of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have uncovered that individuals with dementia are unaware that their memory is fading. Additionally, this lack of awareness can begin to occur up to three-years prior to diagnosis.

Dementia is a condition …

47 million people with dementia in 2015, targeted to triple by 2050

47 million people with dementia in 2015, targeted to triple by 2050Researchers have reported nearly 41 million people globally have dementia. The number has grown from 35 million in 2009. Researchers estimate that every two decades the number of cases will double. By 2050 cases of dementia are targeted to reach …

Dementia diagnosed sooner with QDRS

QDRS testing for dementia developedAlzheimer’s Disease International reports that in 2013 there was an estimated 44.4 million individuals with dementia globally. That number is projected to rise to 75.6 million by 2030 as the population continues to age. Although there is no cure for …

New dementia diagnosing tool, QDRS, quick and simple

dementia diagonseA renowned neuroscientist at Florida Atlantic University has developed a system for diagnosing dementia that is very fast and effective. Aptly named “Quick Dementia Rating System” (QDRS), this new system cannot only determine whether a person suffers from dementia, but …

Dangerous weight loss associated with common dementia drugs

dangerous weight lossClinicians need to take into account the risk of harmful weight loss in adults who are prescribed common medications for dementia. According to researchers and clinicians at the University of California, San Francisco, a certain class of drugs (cholinesterase inhibitors) …

Medication for diabetes aids in dementia prevention

diabetes medication helps prevent demetiaAs we age many functions of the body begin to decline. One function, in particular, is our memory. But losing our memory doesn’t have to be a part of aging and yet dementia diagnoses are on the rise.

Dementia is …

Study Finds Laughter Actually IS the Best Medicine for Dementia

78531136Dementia is a mental health condition that is quickly becoming a major health concern around the world.  Approximately 35.6 million people suffer from the disease worldwide and 7.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year, according to the World Health …

The Way You Brush Your Teeth Could Increase Your Risk of Dementia

142374319Six minutes a day – three in the morning, and three before bed. That is all the time it takes to maintain a sparkling white smile. These six minutes, however, may prove to be far more important to your future …

Why Are So Many Dementia Cases Escaping Diagnosis?

120792069Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are words that the Baby Boomer generation likely feel they’ve heard enough of, and wish would just go away. Our memories – and clarity of mind –  are precious to us. So it’s no wonder that …

The High Cost of Dementia and Memory Care

80410231A new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the cost of caring for dementia patients in the United States is at a staggering level, destined to rise further in the coming decades.

To put this …

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