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Study Finds Laughter Actually IS the Best Medicine for Dementia

78531136Dementia is a mental health condition that is quickly becoming a major health concern around the world.  Approximately 35.6 million people suffer from the disease worldwide and 7.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  Dementia involves a deterioration of memory, thinking, and behavior.  And eventually, it interferes with the ability … Read More

The Way You Brush Your Teeth Could Increase Your Risk of Dementia

142374319Six minutes a day – three in the morning, and three before bed. That is all the time it takes to maintain a sparkling white smile. These six minutes, however, may prove to be far more important to your future well-being than anyone could have ever imagined.

The Connection between Dementia and Gum Disease

A recent study by … Read More

Why Are So Many Dementia Cases Escaping Diagnosis?

120792069Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are words that the Baby Boomer generation likely feel they’ve heard enough of, and wish would just go away. Our memories – and clarity of mind –  are precious to us. So it’s no wonder that these diseases invoke fear, often causing people to avoid facing them. Recent statistics found that far more people … Read More

The High Cost of Dementia and Memory Care

80410231A new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the cost of caring for dementia patients in the United States is at a staggering level, destined to rise further in the coming decades.

To put this into perspective, the study reports that the costs associated with dementia care is higher than two of the … Read More

The Link Between Being Lonely and Dementia

memoryDementia pertains to a complex medical disorder that affects the cognitive function of an individual and is thus characterized by forgetfulness and memory loss.  For several decades, dementia was considered as an exclusive condition of the elderly; however, the number of cases of dementia has recently increased around the world.

In addition, majority of the cases of dementia, … Read More

What is Dementia Night Camp?

memoryCaring for a loved one that has dementia can be a difficult task, especially at night if they don’t sleep or wake up agitated and confused during normal sleeping hours.  The development of a program that is similar to a “camp” at night provides relief to those caring for people suffering from dementia.

What is Dementia?

Dementia involves … Read More

Does Heart Disease Mean You’re Dementia Proof?

memoryAlmost one in four deaths in America are caused by heart disease and one in six are caused by Alzheimer’s disease, which is a dementia related disorder characterized by memory loss, forgetfulness and behavioral changes.      There are many causes of these two major killers, and scientists have long assumed that what is bad for your heart is also … Read More

The Unspoken Emotions of Dementia

depressionElderly individuals are commonly observed to develop dementia, or the reduction in the cognitive ability, which includes forgetfulness, lack of attention, and increased difficulty in solving simple problems. Previous studies have associated dementia, including forgetfulness, with the deterioration of the brain, as part of the process of aging. For patients positively diagnosed with dementia, this mental impairment may … Read More

Dementia Cases to Triple by 2050

dementiaMedical experts say it is an illness that often goes undiagnosed in the early stages. Unfortunately, the problem of Dementia is not going away; there is no cure, and cases are expected to triple by 2050.

According to the World Health Organization close to 36 million people around the globe live with dementia. Dementia is a brain disorder … Read More

New MIND diet reduces risk of Alzheimer’s by 53 percent

MIND diet to reduce Alzheimer’s diseaseAs we age, the threat of developing Alzheimer’s disease increases. Although the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown, researchers are working diligently to uncover more information to combat this life-changing illness.

What we do know is there are effective means to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And there is something you do every day that … Read More

Berries pack a sweet health punch

health benefits of berriesColorful, bit-size and oh-so sweet, berries are delicious and highly beneficial. They may be small in size, but berries really pack a punch when it comes to improving your health. And there is a berry out there for everyone, with different textures, flavors and dessert possibilities!

Some berry facts: A berry is classified as a fleshy fruit. It … Read More

What is excessive drinking doing to your body? Know the risks

risks-of-excessive-drinkingDrinking too much – on a single occasion or over time – can take a serious toll on your health.  There are risks of drinking too much. When it comes to understanding all about what are the harmful effects of alcohol, know this: Most people who have alcohol-related health problems aren’t alcoholics. They’re just people who have regularly … Read More

5 Fixes for memory loss

improve-memory-naturallyDo you remember your child’s second birthday? How about what you ate last week? If your memory is starting to fog, don’t hit the panic button! It’s not too late to give it a boost. In fact, there are many different things you can do every day to improve your memory.

With memory being so precious, wouldn’t … Read More

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