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Menopause symptoms worsened with sedentary lifestyle

By: Emily Lunardo | Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 11:30 AM

A new study that examined sedentary middle-aged Hispanic women in Latin America found that sedentary lifestyle worsens menopause symptoms in comparison to active women. The study consisted of over 6,000 women, and it also revealed that sedentary lifestyle was highly… Read More

Increase risk of depression linked with early menopause

By: Emily Lunardo | Thursday, January 07, 2016 - 10:30 AM
Sad woman with consoling friends

A recent review suggests that women who experience early menopause are at a higher risk of later-life depression. If additional research can confirm the results it may indicate that women who experience early menopause will require hormonal or psychiatric treatment… Read More

Doctors require more education about menopause

By: Devon Andre | Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 11:00 AM
Doctors require more menopause-focused education

Nearly two million women reach menopause each year, and yet doctors are lacking in education about this stage in life. A new study uncovered that doctors are not well-equipped to handle menopause-related health concerns presented to them by patients, due… Read More

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