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Cellphones harm relationships and lead to depression: Study

Cellphones harm relationships and lead to depression: StudyNew research from Baylor University Hankamer School of Business has uncovered that not only are cellphones damaging to relationships, but they can lead to depression as well.

The study, published in Computers in Human Behavior, is called “My life …

Spinal steroid injection may not be beneficial for lower back pain

Spinal steroid injection not beneficial for lower back painWith all the treatments out there to aid in back pain, new research finds that steroid injections won’t offer much relief. There are many different reasons why someone may experience lower back pain. Causes of lower back pain – such …

TV shows impacting women’s perceptions on pregnancy

TV shows impacting women’s perceptions on pregnancyThe idiot box has become something to be wary of, more so than something to laugh at. Research confirms that the TV, in its own imperceptible way, is impacting the layman’s understanding of health and medicine.

In a recent study, …

Researchers find ‘exercise in a pill’ molecule

exercisepillGetting all the benefits of exercising without actually working out, needn’t be a dream anymore.

Researchers from the University of Southampton in Britain have developed a molecule that mimics exercise. According to researchers, the molecule could be a breakthrough in the …

Your neighborhood might cause you to age

neighborhood affects mental health and agingTake a moment to think about where you are currently dwelling. Is it a rural area with lots of green landscape and stress? Or is it a city dwelling with high-rise buildings and tons of traffic? Does your neighborhood have …

Boost your libido (and have more sex) by doing more of this

boost libido naturallyWhen you consider activities preformed in the bedroom, two come to mind: Sleeping and sex. They may not seem like they have much in common, besides the use of a bed, but the amount of sleep you get may actually …

High risk of not drinking enough water

importace-of-drinking-waterWater, our bodies can’t function without it. Water controls all major bodily functions and without it, we’re just not the same. In fact, more than two-thirds of the human body is comprised of water, so it’s highly important we keep …

Yogurt for digestion, high blood pressure (and more!)

health-benefits-of-yogurtFind yourself in the dairy aisle considering a good yogurt? The choices can be a little overwhelming – with extra-creamy and fancy fruit and coffee flavors – but one thing is for certain: Yogurt does a body good!

Yogurt is …

Do this one thing to avoid getting sick

GERM, PREVENTIONHave you ever avoided a handshake because the person you just met appears to be lacking in personal hygiene or sneezing up a storm?

On top of being awkward, avoiding a handshake, no matter what the reason, can be perceived …

New research says do this to get a good night’s sleep

insomnia, sleep, stressDid you know that how you cope with life stress and the general hubbub of modern society may increase your risk for insomnia?

I’ve found myself snacking at night more often than usual, and not on the right foods. Even …

How These Daily Habits May Be Killing You

Man watching televisionDr. Victor Marchione shares his views on habits and long-term gains

What if I told you that watching TV for two hours takes 30 minutes off your life? We’d all be digging an early grave.

A British study looked at …

Why Women Prefer Beards

shutterstock_116672245Stop right there with that razor and cream.

Whether you’re discussing a matter of personal preference with your partner, or trying to decide if you should change up your look, take note: Beards are sexy. And science has confirmed it.…

Knock on Wood – Could Your Superstitions Have Real-Life Effects?

81267117 Superstitions once ruled the world – a world where black cats were witches’ familiars, where rabbit’s feet were signs of good luck, and where bad luck always came in threes. But the way we perceive the world has changed, as …

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