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Capsicum health benefits? Weight loss, pain relief and more

capsicum health benefits (1)Ready to heat things up in the kitchen (and fire up your health)?
Chili peppers, bell peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, cayenne chillies, pimiento… These are the many names for some fruits of the Capsicum annuum species of plants. Yes, these are botanically fruits, but most often referred to as vegetables.

Before we get to some healthy capsicum recipes and … Read More

Natural home remedies for weight loss

home-remedies-for-weight-lossYou’re not in a happy place if you’re overweight or obese – and neither is your body. In fact, how much you weigh, in relation to your height, your waist size (pinching more than an inch of flab?) and how many pounds you’ve gained since your mid-20s have a huge impact on your health.

We’re not talking about … Read More

Successful Weight Loss Depends On Your Weekends

456132289Have you ever noticed that on the weekends, you have a lot more time to go out and eat a chili cheese dog or buttered popcorn? Maybe a flavored milkshake or two — or three.

These kinds of end-of-the-week splurges aren’t exactly harmful for you. But to lose weight or maintain your fine form, it’s important to remember … Read More

New Weight Loss Treatment That Isn’t A Diet!

459979901Don’t turn to extreme diets or Lap-Band surgery. Try holistic methods to help you shed those unwanted pounds, such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years.  Many people use acupuncture to treat various ailments including chronic pain, migraines and nausea caused by chemotherapy. A study published in Acupuncture in Read More

How Regular Sleep Is Linked To Weight Loss

sleep, weight lossA good night’s rest is gold, boosting our energy and outlook for the day ahead. As sleep has become the focus of numerous and ongoing studies, its benefits seem to be multiplying.

Some people need eight hours a night and some claim to only need six or seven hours to feel refreshed, but the fact is we all … Read More

Is Dr. Oz’s Yacon Syrup Really the Next “Weight Loss Miracle Product”?

139897023Dr. Oz has attached himself to yet another new weight loss product and, in usual Dr. Oz style, the media has jumped all over it. This past November 4th, The Dr. Oz Show aired an entire episode dedicated to the new product – yacon syrup – exploring whether this South American root vegetable of little-known reputation … Read More

Is Weight Loss Safe for Seniors?


Losing weight is a challenge for most people, but it is even harder for the elderly. Due to reduced bone and muscle mass, as well as a greater risk of nutritional deficiency, doctors often advise the elderly to stay away from intentional weight loss. But, at the same time, studies show that the elderly could greatly benefit from … Read More

10 Doctor-Recommended Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

78652298There are nearly as many reasons to maintain a healthy body weight as there are people wishing to slim down. But the desire to lose weight is no longer just a matter of wanting to look better – it’s now become one of life or death. The problem has become so serious that the Centers for Disease Control … Read More

A Stimulating Solution for Binge Eating and Weight Loss!

120075375While the thought of “deep brain stimulation” may bring scary visions to mind of psychiatric patients in straight jackets, it has actually proven to be a helpful treatment therapy for a number of different neurological symptoms. And now, in our current fight against the pandemic of obesity and our personal battles with binge eating and weight loss, there … Read More

Infidelity and Weight Loss – The Shocking Tie

162441449It is a subject that isn’t talked about very often, and certainly not one prone to be spoken about publicly, however for those who looking to lose weight, you might be curious to know the exact lengths some of your peers could be going to in order to battle the bulge.

One study has posed some interesting results, … Read More

The Weight Loss Device That Has People Talking

Fat CheckIf you’re one of those people that think that weight loss is a good thing, even when it’s not completely healthy weight loss, you may be attracted to a new product that will allow you to eat anything as part of your diet while still achieving your weight loss goals.  The AspireAssist is a new device that helps … Read More

Craziest Weight Loss Diet …and Why

obesityThe battle of the bulge is never ending so it is no wonder that over the years there have been more diet solutions than we can count.  There is the diet that leaves us feeling famished and cranky, the diet that makes us crave more and leads to weight gain,  the diet that actually works, and the diet … Read More

Holiday Foods Killing Weight Loss Goals

121995536Studies show that during the holidays it is not uncommon for people to gain anywhere from one to ten pounds. While many people want to blame it on the turkey, the reality is that holiday weight gain is largely due to the sauces, sweets and spirits.

If you have set weight loss goals for yourself or are fighting … Read More

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