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The Truth About Calcium
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A world-renowned expert in nutritional healing, Dr. Marchione is especially qualified to guide patients in this revolutionary approach combining modern science with nature's herbs,
vitamins and nutrients:
  • A Board-Certified Medical Doctor (Internal and Pulmonary Medicine).
  • Healing Patients for More Than 28 Years.
  • Seen on Major TV Networks, including ABC NEWS, CBS Evening News and NBC's TODAY Show.
  • Author and Lead Researcher in Clinical Research Studies

Dr. Marchione is editor of THE FOOD DOCTOR, a leading newsletter on using natural remedies in place of drugs. Tens of thousands of readers around the world rely on Dr. Marchione for the latest information on using foods and supplements to heal.

Dr. Victor Marchione’s Calcium Conspiracy Revealed

Urgent Health Alert

If you’re taking calcium supplements, this is information you must read! Not only will they NOT prevent fractures and osteoporosis, but they could actually be causing your body incredible harm.

It’s true. And in my latest special report I’ll share the research that proves it.

With sources like the Harvard School of Public Health, The Lancet and JournalWATCH, the research doesn’t lie.

But it will soon become crystal clear that lies, misinformation and deception are rampant in what I have come to call ‘The Calcium Myth’.

You’re probably asking yourself, “if calcium supplements are so dangerous, why do common health practices encourage me to take them?”

It’s a sad truth. Most mainstream health practitioners are so convinced by old school thinking and big pharma marketing that they’ll ignore emerging proven research. Research and clinical studies that prove time and again that the benefits of calcium are more or less, imaginary.

Want more proof? Take a look at Asian populations. They consume far less dietary calcium than Americans, yet their fracture rate is less than half of American Caucasians! This despite the US being one of the top countries for calcium intake.

In this Free Report I will show you that our North America wide obsession with calcium is literally killing us.

From calcified arteries, strokes and heart attacks to problems with kidney function, prostate cancer and more, calcium supplements have their hand in it all.

In fact, recent findings published in the journal Heart found the risk of having a heart attack almost doubled among calcium supplement users compared with non-users!

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, in your bone forming years up to age 25, calcium is of vital importance. But the benefits wane as you reach adulthood. To the point where – shockingly – calcium supplementation can even do harm.

You might ask why, if supplements have been proven to be dangerous are they being so heavily marketed? There’s one sure answer to that: MONEY.

Did you know that according to the Nutrition Business Journal, Americans spent $1.2 billion last year on calcium supplements alone? And a further $430 million dollars on calcium pills containing vitamin D.

People are throwing their money away because they are being told they need calcium!

Not only this, but the over hyped North American dairy industry – that just so happens to spend millions on marketing dairy and calcium as necessary for strong bones – is worth billions of dollars.

Accordingly, there’s a lot about calcium that big business does not want you to know.

The good news is: research has proven that with a few relatively simple steps, you can make a positive change in your bone health… without risking your life taking calcium supplements.

Which is why I’ve written this special report: to ensure people across North America are exposed to the real truth behind the Calcium Myth ... and to share the 5 natural secrets that truly CAN strengthen your bones and save your life!

And the best part, this life-saving report is absolutely FREE! Simply enter your e-mail address below for instant access to the 5 secrets to all natural osteoporosis prevention.

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